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A2hosting formerly named Iniquinet in August of 2001, then it was renamed in 2003 and appears to be privately owned.


A2Hosting Coupons

Well, creating a website constitutes clear procedures, one of the most important one is choosing a dependable web hosting service. You can also get cheaper hosting deals. Searching and selecting a renowned and reliable web hosting service provider can be frustrating, particularly with the many fake web hosting services available online. A2 Hosting is one of the prime web hosting service providers, and your one stop web solution service for a vast range of web hosting packages which includes dedicated hosting, reseller, shared and VPS hosting.

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You can get various types of coupons, providing different percentage of savings on your plans.

However, what really makes A2hosting amazing is its innovation to offer instant web hosting solutions. A2Hosting is one of the first company to provide CloudLinux, CloudFlare, RAID-10 fast storage, and SSD storage in its web servers.


Website owners are very concerned about uptime and speed of the hosting service they choose to use. A2Hosting fully addresses the concern with an uptime guarantee of almost 99.9%. In addition to US & Europe datacentre location options, A2Hosting also ensure instant speed and full uptime with strong server equipment, quadruple excessive power supplies and networking, website data integrity and invulnerability, and equalized number of account on every server.


A2Hosting hosting solutions are all Linux based. A2Hosting is not a proper choice for people who need Windows services. A2Hosting is obviously a good web host, however, it is still relates a small business when compared to the large web hosts. As it is created mainly for developers. If customers do not have technical details, they might feel uncomfortable with some of the products.