Apollo Audio Lab Bolt series earphones had the best audio performance that I ever heard for years.

Apollo Audio Lab, a new professional audio company that specialize in manufacturing portable audio gears had launched a new series of earphones called “The bolt Series” . They’re a collection of earphones where there are 3 models of the earphones namely, Stormbolt (stainless steel casing) , Wood bolt (rosewood casing) and fire bolt (copper casing ).

Most earphones in the market were plasticky looking and feel & perform cheaply, however in the case of Apollo audio lab, each earphone were elaborately manufactured, assembled and the selling point of these earphones seems to be the superb audio performance that they promised. Frankly, this is one of the first time I ever heard of a full stainless steel or copper earphones.

bolt series frame

The unboxing experience of a sample model Stormbolt that they company had sent us were absolutely a joy to begin with ! It has a shock resistant military styled case that comes with it , 6 pairs of silicon earbuds, an instruction card and a steel warranty card ! This is my first time that I laid hands on a steel card. It looks dangerously cool !

In the world of audiophiles where users crave for audio perfection, all the models in this collection were beautifully handcrafted and assembled in their lab, and it certainly has the amazing audio performance that audiophiles will be happy with!

What makes this collection unique is the adoption of several cutting edge Apollo Audio Lab’s latest technologies such as motion air vent technology, vibration ring control and dual diaphragm speaker. All of these ensure the final product had excellent audio fidelity accuracies and superb audio performance.

Putting on the stormbolt earphones, I immediately felt the cold metal weighted on my ear for the first time. It’s a sheer joy & exciting experience similar to starting the engines of a luxury Ferrari sport car ! I went ahead and played some flac/Ape lossless music and was blown away by the amazing bass response. I had never heard such great sub-bass thumping in my disco/rock tracks before and the vocals and electronic musics sounds absolutely fabulous! I wish they had produced these earphones years ago, I would have skip buying some many other earphones and stick with them. On critical listening, the storm bolt earphones produced accurate music reproductions but with very clean tonal responses. I plugged it on to my iphone 6 and they sound great as well ! it seems the earphones was a good matched with mobile devices which is a blessing certainly that it doesn’t require a high-end music player or a desktop amplifier to reach it’s peak performance. However, I need to turn up the volume to 75% to have a loud listening experience (probably I’m very used to loud music)

According to the company founder, the 3 different type of earphone casing (stainless steel, copper and wood) does create different sound signatures and audio characteristics. The stormbolt – which is made of stainless steel, boast to have the the best bass performance among the 3, whereas the firebolt – copper case has excellent tonal control and balanced performance. Lastly, the wood bolt, which is crafted from a single piece of luxury rosewood, offers the audio experience of a orchestral-like auditorium performance.

Do check out these bolt collection earphones from their official website – www.apolloaudiolab.com . The actual earphones looks amazingly beautiful and the choice of materials (steel,copper,rosewood) looks luxurious to behold ! Retailing for USD $455 for each model, the company offers free worldwide shipping for all orders and their products comes with lifetime limited warranty.