Create and Test a Poker Strategy Automatically

The best poker players are good at Money Management, patient, control their emotions, plan ahead and are consistent. All these qualities can be perfectly achieved with software that plays poker instead of a human. Such software is also known as a Poker Bot.

What is different about Sagittarius ABZ is that it is not just a poker bot in essence, it is a professional poker bot creation tool used to create and test poker strategies on live tables, gathering data as it plays for the strategist to be able to improve the bot by analyzing real concrete results.

Sagittarius ABZ makes use of user friendly poker widgets such as the “Win Odds”, “Player Types”, “Hand Strength”, and many more… combined with a conditional “AND” / “OR” oriented logic editor/creator. This innovative way of poker strategy creation makes it both powerful and easy to use.

  • Full list of widgets that can be combined with “AND” / “OR” logic below:
  • “Win Odds” The odds of winning the round at any point in time
  • “Hand Strength” The odds of having the current highest hand at a particular level
  • “My Hand” The players current hand, for example: Full House
  • “My Action” The last action taken by the player, for example: Call
  • “Player Actions” What actions have the players taken, for example: Checks only
  • “Call Size” The size of bet or raise that has to be called in order to continue round
  • “Chance For” Will know if there is a chance for a hand by 1 card missing
  • “Pot Size” The size of the current pot, can be compared to stack or blinds
  • “Counter” Counts particular actions in order not to always repeat the same logic
  • “My Cards” What a players actual cards are
  • “My Position” The players position, for example: Under the gun
  • “Continuation” This widget is used to continue a set of logic depending on another set
  • “Player Types” The type of players playing on a table, used to adapt logic depending on player
  • “Players Playing” The number of players playing who have not folded

All the above widgets come with fully configurable settings inside.

Compatible with Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (comes with a remote control App for iPhone and Android).

A free trial download is available at Sagittarius ABZ Poker Bot Official Website.