What You Should Expect Out of a Great Man Down Alarm

If you are managing a dangerous workplace like a prison, a youth center or a psych ward, you are aware that you need to protect your lone worker employees in order to ensure their safety while they are at work. To do that, you need to give them adequate training, install security cameras, create rigorous safety protocols, etc. You also need to give each and every one of them a man down alarm to make them able to quickly call for backup at the touch of a button. However, no man down alarms are the same and in today’s article, we will tell what you should expect out of a great one.

Flexible and Reliable Installation

What most people will only see the small button that lone workers carry when man down alarms are installed. However, more equipment is installed ‘’behind’’ the scenes to make it work. Great alarms will combine ultrasound technology and wireless receivers in order to maximize flexibility and reliability.

Ability to Communicate Distress Signal to Multiple Devices

When a lone worker presses on his or her portable emergency button to send a distress signal, somebody needs to receive it to be able to help him or her as fast as possible. Average man down alarms will only be able to send distress signals on a limited number of devices. Great ones, however, will be able to send them to a wide range of devices including cell phones, portable radios, computers, pagers and display panels within 5 seconds of the emergency button press.

A Great Man Down Alarm Will Offer Many Advantages Over an Average One

What often distinguishes great products from average ones are details and services. Here are a few examples of the kind of advantages that you can expect out of great man down alarm :

  • Possibility of maintaining and configuring the system from any computer or from anywhere via Internet
  • Elimination of any issues involving software or incompatible operating systems or operating system versions
  • General ease of use
  • The system is supported by a robust technical support service
  • Possibility of integration with a building’s existing intercom system
  • Every wireless panic button has its own ID in order to rapidly identify who needs assistance and act accordingly

This concludes our article on what you should expect out of a great man down alarm. If your building needs to update its alarm installation, we suggest that you contact a company specialized in security systems. It will help you to figure out your needs and present you the best man down alarm solution possible for your needs.