Extend C drive in Windows 7 without formatting

In general, C drive is used to install operating system, boot files and other programs. It is the most important drive of the disk. While the data saved in C drive will become more and more during the usage. However, users don’t want to format the whole disk just to enlarge C drive. This is because other drives also hold many important files, and they need to back up them in other disks. It is very troublesome. Thus, users intend to extend C drive in Windows 7 without formatting the disk.

Actually, in order to enable users to manage their disks better, Microsoft released a built-in tool – Disk Management, which allows users to create, delete and format volumes. And later, functions of extending and shrinking volumes are added to the systems after Windows Vista, like Window Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and so on, and Windows 7 is more popular among personal users.

Well, let’s go to see how to enlarge C drive with Disk Management in Windows 7.


Activate “Manage” from the right-click menu of “Computer”. Then, click “Disk Management” on the left panel to enter the Disk Management interface. Users can see there exists unallocated space behind C drive. Right click on C drive and choose “Extend” to start the enlarging process.

However, if there is no unallocated space behind C drive and the “Extend” is grayed out when users click C drive, just like the display shown below, how to accomplish the goal of increasing the size of C drive?


On this occasion, users are suggested to make use of a third-party partition manager to handle the problem. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a nice choice.


Launch Partition Wizard to enter this main interface. Select C drive and click “Extend Partition” on the left panel to continue.


Users can extend C drive through borrowing free space from other drives (E: and F:). Then, choose a drive and adjust the size of free space which will be added to C drive. Click “OK” to go back to the main interface and click “Apply” to execute the changes.

Compared with Disk Management, Partition Wizard allows users to extend drives without unallocated space. It can succeed in enlarging drives by taking free space from other drives. The most important is there is no need to format the disk and partition again. It can be obviously seen that Partition Wizard is more convenient than Windows Disk Management.

Except for the previous two solutions, users can achieve extending C drive via cmd when there is unallocated space on the right side of it.


Click “Start” and type “cmd”. Right click on “cmd” and choose “Run as administrator” to enter the main interface. Then, users can type “diskpart”, “list volume”, “select volume 3” and “EXTEND” in order and press “Enter” after each command to get the above demonstration. This way is less adopted by users because many of them don’t know how to perform it.

Therefore, it’s certain that users can extend C drive in Windows 7 without formatting the whole disk after they finish reading this article. Go to download the free edition of Partition Wizard.

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