What are the Features of Great Duress Alarms?

Security is the most important issue in prison management. Indeed, prison managers have to ensure a safe work environment for their workers as well as to keep control on the general inmate population to prevent riots. A great prison security plan comprises many aspects including training programs for workers, inmate management and prison security systems and each one of them is important to optimize safety levels. Today, we chose to write about one of these aspects, prison security systems, and more precisely, duress alarms.

What is a Duress Alarm?

A duress alarm is a type of alarm used by prison workers to send distress signals when they are facing dangers. The way they work is when a worker is feeling that he is in great danger, he presses on a panic button to send a wireless signal to the prison’s security system which will in turn send a notification to his or her coworkers so they will be able to rush to help.

What Features Should You Look for in a Duress Alarm?

There are many security systems on the market and each one is claiming to offer the best solution to answer prisons’ security issues. However, while we believe that most of these companies do not intend to mislead their customers or potential customers, the fact is that some duress alarms are better than others. To help you figure out what you should look for when shopping duress alarms, here are a few features that great ones have :

  • Effectiveness and reliability are, of course, 2 essential features that these alarms must have. Indeed, they have to work fast at all times because danger is a 24/7 risk in prisons.

  • Ultrasound technology has proven to be the best technology for duress alarms. Why? Because it is currently the only one that can find a prison worker facing a precarious situation with 100% accuracy. Indeed, no matter where the person pressing is located, where the duress system is or where the people with distress signal receiving devices are, the system will always work within a matter of seconds.

  • Excellent quality duress alarms are able to send distress signals to a wide variety of devices including cell phones, display panels, computers, portable radios and pagers. This versatility is important to ensure that distress signals are seen by as much people as possible so the person closest to his or her endangered co-worker can intervene quickly.

This concludes this article on the features of great duress alarms. If you work in a prison and your facility is looking into upgrading its security system, make sure to choose an alarm that has all the features that we mentioned during this article.