Finding the Best Website Template for Your Website

Web DesignAre you planning or currently developing your own website? After successfully purchasing your domain name and choosing a good hosting provider, your next concern will certainly be web development or design. The good news is that there are now hundreds if not thousands of available templates offered on the internet both for free and the premium ones sold for a certain amount. But with all those options, how do you choose the best template for your website? The following sections discusses how:

Factors to consider when choosing the best web design

Before choosing a particular template or design studio, you should think about these factors:

  • The nature and purpose of your site. The theme will primarily be dependent on the nature or purpose of your planned website. Are you planning to create an e-commerce or shopping site, a magazine inspired, a professional news portal, or simply your own personal blog? There are different categories of web templates suitable for each of these purposes.

  • How much time can you allot in maintaining your website. When your website is already up and running, you need to update it once in a while. And your choice of template matters. There are fully-automated templates which requires zero to minimal work, while there are also templates that require frequent updating and coding.

  • The needs of your target audience or visitors. Do you need or want viewer interaction with your website, then you need a web design that possesses certain features like the ability of visitors to register, log-in, interact, shop, comment, etc. Most of the time, complex functions already require the help of a professional design studio to aid in the web development.

  • Consider your budget. Finally, you also need to consider your budget. You don’t want to overspend on themes and features your website doesn’t really need. And although you have chosen a free template, there’s always an extra costs which can present in other forms like content creation, customized coding, etc.

Extra tips when choosing a web design

  • Always choose a responsive template or design especially today that mobile devices are now becoming a popular choice for internet connection.

  • Aside from choosing a good design, you should also consider loading speed or time. The faster a website loads, the better; both for your rankings and when it comes to visitor experience.

  • Always take advantage of a test or sample run. Most premiums templates and themes especially those listed on WordPress and Joomla have their trial versions. This is a good way of experiencing the features and benefits of a particular theme before eventually purchasing the full or complete version.

  • Always go for a trusted design studio or web development professional when you are planning to purchase and have a customized template. This is to ensure that you get the best and quality design, and of course, value for your money.

  • Put simplicity and functionality ahead of the visual design. For example, adding too many and too large images on your template would just eat up its responsiveness and loading time.

Going for free versus the paid web template

The next question that might come to your mind is whether you will go for the premium templates or perhaps, the free ones which you can download anytime on the internet. The benefits of going for the free web design or template are certainly obvious but there’s a drawback; the features and functionalities are quite limited. On the other hand, contracting a web development professional or design studio might cost some money, but you are able get the features you need and customize your website’s design if you want.