Googles Ongoing Battle with SEO Digital Marketing Technologies

The days of classical marketing has slowly been declining since the advent of the Internet age. Print media publications in magazines along with radio has taken a back seat to online marketing, search engine optimization, social networks and online video. Search engines such as Googe have captured a sizable chunk of digital market share. Advertising on their search engine with PPC (pay per click) ads have conquered the online marketing landscape. Youtube which was acquired (2006 by Google) is increasingly replacing the television medium. Television commercials are slowly being replaced by video ads targeted to client viewers on the Internet. Virtually all mainstream blogs, article and news websites are monetized with ads from the Adword campaign. Yet SEO services are an increasingly relevant digital marketing channel which Google has not yet been able to suppress.

There is very strong evidence to indicate that revenues spike shortly after a major Google algorithm roll-out. The reason is believed and (not admitted) that companies which hold the first page spots for a search query panic and increase their advertising budget towards PPC (pay per click) Adwords to compensate for dropping sales when their websites drop in SERP (search engine rank position). The relationship between algorithm updates and increased revenue has been witnessed since Panda in 2011. Ever since the inception of Panda a massive war has been battling between SEO and Google. SEO has always been the process of optimization both onsite and offsite (backlinking) in order to rank a website higher for a given “search query”.

SEO software technologies have revolutionized the fight. A countless number of backlinking technology software programs have arose in response to major Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Many factors go into the development of backlinking deployment. Elements such as proxies to mask origin, website pagerank, domain authority and link velocity to name just a few are prominent. We can be assured that as long as search engines become more widely used. A growing Internet economy will place even higher value on the significance on value of SEO. There is always a finite number of searches that an individual page can carry. This very fact will be the equalizer to a controlled search engine market.

The future may be paid advertising but at a huge cost. One definite solution for search engines to kill SEO would be the reservation of the first page of a queried search for “paid only” positions. As this concept may seem highly profitable it equally can be damaging. If users lose trust in a search engines ability to act fair in a marketplace then it may also cause the user to find another search engine all together. For this reason alone the battle between Google and SEO rages on.

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