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Over the last few decades the way we communicate with each other and how we do so is only increasing. The reliability and security in communication networks is extremely important. When you need to send a message, sometimes it cannot wait. In the event of a disaster communication is even more crucial. People need to request help, ensure loved ones are safe, governments need to communicate with rescuers and services quickly to efficiently dispatch resources. Over the course of history there have been many examples of which there has been failings in communication. This often leads to a much worse scenario comparatively and failings need to be addressed to reduce the risk of future incidents.

In January 2010 Haiti suffered a natural disaster in the form of an earthquake. Resulting in at least 200,000 fatalities, it underpins the need for communication. Due to damage to key infrastructure, like phone lines and mobile networks, the countries poor disaster planning, meant that the extremity of the earthquake was much more severe.

Creating a plan of action can often be hard, with cellular networks often going down due to the high amount of calls, and warning channels like radio, TV and sirens not always being appropriate for the context. has developed a new technology, allowing for messages to be broadcasted and reached by globally and quickly. Due to the widespread use of mobile phones, this technology reaches the highest amount of people and is ideal for emergency situations. Even when the phone itself is limited due to networks being unavailable, they will still be kept on the person and close by, making it an ideal outlet to target for one way communication.

This technology works by sending messages to mobile phones, even if cellular service is unavailable, allowing everyone with a mobile to receive a one way broadcast regardless of their frequency or network provider. A mobile phone number is not needed to be known as the messages passes through Mactros own transmitter. This transmitter is portable and is easy to set up, and able to be powered by car batteries and solar panels. This is advantageous in disaster scenarios where traditional methods are not available.


This service has a range of features for effective communications. A specialised software algorithm is implemented, and the device is built on a military specification, allowing for durability and reliability. Essential qualities for a device to be used in emergencies.

Lessons are constantly being learnt, and plans are also continuously being reviewed and improved, making the new technology developed by Mactro ideal to be implemented. The uses are versatile, and provides a useful way to get messages out to the people who need them in emergencies. While emergency events are often unable to be predicted, the severity of the scenario can be reduced through proper planning and utilizing all tools that are available. The product and service Mactro provides has been developed with effective communication in mind. Benefits can be shown in military uses, police uses, disaster relief and also in medical industries.

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Mactro Technology is an emergency communications company, focused on research and development to produce enabling devices and technologies that for use in severe circumstances.