How Does Spectrum Management Work in Canada?

Have you heard or seen ads from phone service providers touting the speed of their new LTE network? Given the fact that these companies usually put forth considerable marketing efforts to promote their network, the answer is probably yes. While most cell phone owners have been exposed to a message about the strength of the data network they are using at one point or another, few people know the processes that their service provider has been through to make their network happen. In this article, we will explain you how spectrum management, which plays a huge role in the expansion projects of cell phone service provider, works in Canada.

First, What is Spectrum Management and How Does it Work?

Spectrum management is the activity of regulating radio frequency usage to make sure that their usage is efficient and provides a net social benefit. This process is managed by an organization that is mandated to do so and the type of organization varies from country to country. In Canada, Industry Canada is responsible for handling the radio frequencies comprised in what we call the radio spectrum. The radio spectrum includes every frequency between 3kHz and 300 GHz.

In Canada, radio frequencies are allocated to companies interested in acquiring them via an auction system. When Industry Canada opens an auction, telecommunication companies enter a bidding war and its outcome will determine which one will walk away with precious radio frequency usage licenses.

Why Does Canada Want to Manage its Radio Spectrum?

Like we mentioned earlier, spectrum management ensures that radio frequency usage is efficiently managed and that it provided a net social benefit. Specifically, the Canada aims to accomplish these goals :

  • Optimization of the RF Spectrum’s usage

  • Work to avoid interferences and solve any issues that arise

  • Creation of short and long range allocations

  • Contribute to the introduction of recent wireless technologies in the country

  • Optimization of the wireless communications with neighbor countries and other administrations

How is Our Country’s Radio Spectrum Used?

Canada’s radio spectrum can be used in many ways such as over the air broadcasting (radio), telecommunications services (voice, data, Internet), medical uses and research purposes. With so many possibilities, it is easy to understand why spectrum management is necessary in order to ensure that everyone and every organization/company that use the radio spectrum can do so on a regular basis without fail.

This concludes this article on how spectrum management works in Canada. We hope that you learned a thing or two along the way.