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PosterVents iPhone Event App Offers Spin On Local Calendars

A recently released iPhone event app is hoping to change the way event organizers market local events. Aptly named PosterVents, the new app helps event goers discover new events using the flyers and posters that many of us may overlook. We usually leave the house for a clear reason and take a trip to visit …

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How Smartphones Changed the World of Telecommunications Forever

Telecommunications is a huge industry where, depending on where you are, many big players fight for consumers’ money or monopolies enjoy close to no competition. Most big telecommunications corporation were built at times when traditional media was the only way to consume content and they made a lot of money because they were the only …

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Best iPhone Photography Accessories & Tips

The iPhone range have always had very good cameras on board, and the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are no exception. Although they may not have some of the high mega pixel count as some Android smart phones, this really isn’t the be all and end all regarding any camera. As with professional …

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