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Mactro SMS Broadcaster – Your Perfect advertising Solution

Over the last few decades the way we communicate with each other and how we do so is only increasing. The reliability and security in communication networks is extremely important. When you need to send a message, sometimes it cannot wait. In the event of a disaster communication is even more crucial. People need to …

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How Smartphones Changed the World of Telecommunications Forever

Telecommunications is a huge industry where, depending on where you are, many big players fight for consumers’ money or monopolies enjoy close to no competition. Most big telecommunications corporation were built at times when traditional media was the only way to consume content and they made a lot of money because they were the only …

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Make money recycling your phone

Your phone is your life, your everything and you wouldn’t part with it. Not for all the tea in China. That is, until the next model comes out. This model is 0.25mm larger than your old phone and has 20 more dpi, but you need it, so you get it. You’ve now got two mobiles …

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