Waterproof & Rugged Smart Phones

X-Systems the waterproof & rugged smart phones specialist for business 2 business and business 2 consumer. Smart phones built for outdoor, construction, agricultural and industrial activities.

For quite a few years now, you will have noticed the quick changes that have been happening across the mobile technology industry. What first started out as the basic BlackBerry “smartphones” that appeared on the market have now evolved into what are effectively handheld laptops. This complete new transformation of the mobile industry is something that many of you will have found quite hard to keep up with – with all these changes, what’s the latest aim? What are they doing next?

Well, one company – X-Systems – have started to work on some brilliant electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, GPS trackers and even SOS devices that are not only functional and modern, but they are waterproof and incredibly resilient. X-Systems work on an ethos that your hardware is becoming more & more like your clothes – trendy, expensive and cool but not certain to make the end of the year!

Instead of having to make that regular expensive of buying your electronics again and again once they die off for the Xth time, why don’t you consider looking into the possibility of something a little sturdier? Rather than giving you access to more apps that aren’t overly useful, X-Systems have worked towards creating a comprehensive smartphone or tablet that’s both durable and functional.

Durability is the main aim for improving your technologies lifespan, but so are the elements that it can cope with. It’s well accepted by most that water and electronics usually spells the end of the hardware, right?

Well, thanks to the resilient technology that is used by X-Systems, water and fluids no longer need to be the Grim Reaper for your technology. Made to deal with everything that it possibly can from large bangs and drops to the most expansive drink of juice ever, X-Systems have created a way for you to keep yourself in the loop technologically without putting yourself at risk with the weak and fragile nature of your hardware.

These products are;

  • Dust-proof

  • Impact-proof

  • Shock-proof

  • Drop-proof

  • Water-proof

They are about as durable as you can get! And can be perfect for all-weather types who spend a lot of time in the outdoors or dealing with the elements. Are you sick of having no electronic coverage because of the weather? Then one of the several X-Systems devices available today might be just what you need!

Whether it’s a GPS system or a new tablet for watching movies on the go that you need, X-Systems can be the go-to experts for high-class technology that’s worth the price.

In cooperation with Tia.si, X-Systems gives you 10% discount when ordering the X-Tel 7000 Waterproof & Rugged Smart Phone !