Website Security with Cloudbric

When running any type of website, especially if it receives a lot of traffic or is centered around marketing or business use, it is important that you have a tight security system in order to protect the data on the website, as well as the data that is stored for any of the users of the website. A single data leak can cause irreparable damage that drives away many viewers and customers from your website, and can harm your business or service as a whole. In fact, some of the latest security leaks, such as the instance in which Target Supercenter was targeted by hackers and lost important credit card information, caused damages to companies that are still under repair.

If you are currently managing a website for personal use, or for your business, Cloudbric is the number one website security choice when you’re looking for serious protection for your website. When someone attacks your website, it is important that you are able to instantly pinpoint the attack, and find out exactly who is attacking your website in order to block the IP of the individual or group targeting your website. Cloudbric makes this possible by monitoring every incoming and outgoing visitor to your website, and placing a firewall around your website to ensure that any attacks can be monitored and stopped as soon as they begin.

Unlike other security software that simply monitors attacks and brings them to your attention, Cloudbric monitors and controls the security for your website 24/7, so that each and every user connecting to your website is monitored, and attacks against your website can be shut down immediately, even if you are not watching your website. This makes it possible for you to rest easy when you are not monitoring your own website, and allows you the peace of mind knowing that your website has a security system set up throughout the entire day that can handle attacks against your website and alert you of any users trying to perform any malicious attacks against your servers and data.

Cloudbric sets itself apart from the competitors by offering 4 GB of data without any charge to you. This allows you to pay nothing for a large amount of data, while continuing to secure your website with the best security software on the market. Free website security and free ddos protection, it just doesn’t get any better than that. For more information about Cloudbric, please visit today!